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Pros and Cons of Auto Tinting

Investing in high-quality window tints for your car is one the easiest and most popular ways to upgrade your vehicle. There are numerous auto tint options to choose from and they have a lot of benefits for you, your car, its interior, and passengers.

However, as with anything, there are some disadvantages to auto tinting as well. Most people are not auto tinting and glass experts like A&A Glass in Cherry Hill, NJ, which is why they may not know about these pros and cons.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of auto tinting, to help you better understand what you get and what you may lose by tinting your vehicle’s windows.

Pros and Cons of Auto Tinting

Here are the PROS or advantages of auto tinting.

  • Privacy & Security
    Perhaps the biggest benefit of tinting your vehicle’s windows is the additional privacy and security it offers you and your passengers. Auto tinting makes it incredibly difficult for an outsider to look inside your vehicle.
    This can help keep your car, passengers, and valuables secure, especially when you leave your car parked in a public space.
  • Reduced Cabin Temperature
    Auto tints can also help keep your vehicle cooler during the summer months. High-quality window tints can help reduce the heat in your cabin by up to 60 percent in some cases. So you won’t have to come back to a scorching car seat and steering after a few hours of outdoor parking.
  • UV Protection
    Auto tinting can also help protect your skin and cabin interior from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. Some high-quality auto tints can reduce the UV rays by up to 90 percent, giving you a much safer and fresher cabin to travel in, especially on ling day trips in the hot summer season.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic
    Let’s be honest, quality auto tinting can increase the aesthetic appeal of any vehicle by a significant amount.
    That being said, here are the CONS or disadvantages of auto tinting.
  • Lower Nighttime Peripheral Visibility
    Tinted windows are great for daytime driving, but they lower your nighttime peripheral visibility. This is an intrinsic disadvantage of auto tinting, but you can always opt for lower-intensity window tints to overcome any peripheral visibility issues, while still retaining most of the benefits of auto tinting.
  • Fading Issues
    Low-quality auto tints do not last very long. Depending on your vehicle’s exposure to the sun, they may show significant fading in less than 6-months. Fading reduces the tint’s ability to provide privacy, security, lower temperatures, and UV protection.

Wrapping Up

In most cases, low-quality auto tints may not even offer any significant UV protection to begin with. This is why it is important to only opt for high-quality auto tinting options from a trusted professional in Cherry Hill, NJ like A&A Auto Glass.

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