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Windshield replacement and repair should be evaluated based on the windshield damage

Windshield damage can happen to even the most careful drivers as the damage can result from flying debris or other external factors. Once you notice the crack on the glass, the only question on your mind is whether you need to repair or replace the windshield. To give you a better idea about whether the situation requires a glass repair or replacement, we have listed different situations to make it easier to evaluate your options.

Windshield Repair

To repair a windshield, evaluate the damage according to a certain criterion before you can confirm that repairing a crack is a viable option.

  1. The size of the damage is the first thing you need to look out for; cracks less than 8 cm and chips less than 2.5 cm in diameter can be repaired.
  2. The depth of the crack is another factor to consider, as if the damage is limited to the exterior glass, it can be easily repaired, but if the crack can be felt from inside the car, odds are repairing is not an option.
  3. The location of the crack or chip is important when deciding whether repairing the windshield is an option. If the crack extends close to the edge of the glass, chances are repairing the windshield is not a viable option, but it depends on whether the structural integrity is affected.
  4. Visibility is the last factor to consider as the solution depends on whether the chips or cracks affect the driver’s visibility. minor scratches and chips can easily be repaired if they are not interfering with the driver’s line of sight
Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement is an option you must consider if the pesky crack on your shield cannot be repaired or the damage is worse than it looks. The situations which typically require windshield replacement are:

  1. The cracks are more than 8 cm, or the chips are more than 2.5 cm in diameter which means they cannot be repaired
  2. The glass is damaged in multiple places – a minimum of three areas
  3. The windshield damage is closer to the edge of the glass, which can affect the structural integrity of the car’s roof
  4. The windshield is old and has extensive scratches or pits affecting the visibility
  5. The damage extends to the inner layers of the windshield
  6. The damage prevents a driver from seeing the road clearly
The Verdict

Suppose the glass is broken, shattered, or even has a crack that can compromise the windshield’s structural integrity. In that case, chances are you might need to replace your shield instead of repairing it to prevent it from becoming a safety hazard on the road. It is better to contact a professional to evaluate the damage. It is also recommended not to delay the repair or replacement process even if you believe you can get a few more trips with a cracked windshield as it can be extremely dangerous.

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