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Taking care of your windshield can prevent cracks and other damage

Windshields are essential for your safety on the road as they protect you from dust and flying objects such as bugs by providing a barrier. With all that windshields do for us, we should pay more attention to them because they uphold the car’s structural integrity.

In addition to keeping the windshield clean, we should also regularly inspect them for any damages or cracks which can be extremely dangerous. It also never hurts to be proactive, which is why you should read on to learn how to prevent cracked windshields.

1. Drive Slowly and Carefully

Windshield cracks and damage can occur when traveling at high speeds as the impact of any foreign objects is much more damaging. This occurs as the flying items hit the shield with much greater force, so the only protection you can offer your windshield is driving slowly and carefully.

Weather conditions such as rain, snow, or wind can also increase the chances of windshield damage as there is a possibility that the wind or water can carry objects that can chip your screen. This is why you should also drive very carefully when the weather is not favorable.

2. Avoid Busy Roads

There is a higher possibility of getting a crack if you’re driving on a busy road with a lot of traffic. Roads are highly packed with vehicles, increasing the chances of an object hitting your car shield from the car in front. In addition, objects such as flying pebbles that dislodge from the car’s wheel in front of you can end up hitting your windshield and chipping it.

3. Maintain a Safe Distance

Highways are a major source of damaged windshields. This is because cars are traveling at high speeds, and the chances of accidents are significantly higher. If you are traveling on a highway, make sure you keep a reasonable distance between your car and the vehicle in front of it, especially if it is a four-wheeler like lorries or dump trucks carrying a heavy load. If these vehicles have no roof, there are higher chances of materials escaping and hitting your windshield, damaging it.

4. Avoid Gravel

A leading cause of windshield damage is debris and other small materials such as gravel or other small rocks. The gravel can be propelled into the air if you are driving over it at high speed, and it can end up hitting and damaging your windshield.

5. Park Indoors

Windshield damage also results from temperature differences and objects hitting vehicles when they are stationary as well. Therefore, it is better to park your cars indoors to ensure the sun doesn’t weaken your shield by making the glass expand in the heat. Parking under a covered area also allows you to protect windshields from being damaged by any random flying objects from falling on them.

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